General Contract Terms and Information Protection Contract


General Business Terms


  • The Company’s description

Premium Vendéglátó Company

Abbreviated name: Premium Vendéglátó co.

Main Location: 1139 Budapest, Orszagbiro Street, 44-46

Tax Number: 22918905-2-42


  • General Terms

2.1     The present “General Contract Terms and Information Protection” describe the rules of the Company concerning the apartment rentals and the services provided by the Company.
2.2     Special requests of the clients are not a part of the “General Contract Terms and Information Protection” contract, but it does not prohibit a deal with travelling agents, deal which can differ from case to case, under the conditions of the business.

  • 3.       The Contracting half:

3.1     The services that the Company provides are meant only for its Guests.
3.2     When the Guest requests the Company’s services, the Guest becomes the Contracting Half. The Service Provider and the Guest together- under the fulfilments requested by the contracting terms- become contracting halves (further named as Halves)
3.3     When the Guest requests the Company’s services through a third party (further referred as the Messenger), the company isn’t obliged to check if that certain third party represents the Guest under lawful conditions.

  • 4.       The Contract’s beginning, the modality of reserving, its change, the company’s notice engagement.

4.1 The Company sends a business offer to the Guest’s business request, which can be done in an oral or a written manner. The Guest must reply in a time banner of 48 hours, if the Company does not get this response from the Guest, it has the right to ret draw the offer and once this is done, the Company’s business offer conditions stop.
4.2 The Contract is created with the Guest by oral or written means; the received reservations are confirmed in written means (post office letters, fax phone, electronic mail). These are sent with receiver confirmation, which is considered as a written contract. Oral reservations, agreements, change of agreements, or the Company’s oral response are not regarded as Contract.
4.3 The Contract regarding the renting services provided by the Company has a determined time interval.
4.4 If the Guest leaves the apartment before the time agreed on in the Contract, the Company is entitled to ret draw the full value of its services, services agreed on in the Contract. If the Guest does not respect the time interval agreed on in the Contract, the Company has the right to offer the apartment in question to another Guest.
4.5 If the Guest requests for longing the time interval agreed on in the contract, the Company must give its approval. In this case, the Company can reimburse to the Guest the services fee provided until that time interval .
4.6 To modify the terms or add new terms to the Contract, the Halves must agree in writing.
4.7 Company keeps lost property for 24 hours, after that they  will be destroyed.


  • 5.       Quitting terms

5.1     While the rental apartment’s offer does not request a new term, the rental service’s penalty annulations can be done on the day before the arrival, until 10:00.
a)      If the Contracting Half does not offer a pre-pay modality for the rental services, these pre-pay modalities can be: the guaranty of a credit card, or another means, which was mentioned in the terms of the reservation Contract,  the company’s services will stop on the day of arrival by 14:00.
b)      If the Contracting Half offers a pre-pay modality for the rental services, these pre-pay modalities can be: the guaranty of a credit card, or another means, which was mentioned in the terms of the reservation Contract; and does not arrive on the date agreed on in the Contract or does not give notice to inform the company on this delay, the Company is entitled to give a penalty to the Guest which consists of at least the price of a rental room for one day. In this case, the Company keeps the room for the Guest until the next day at 10:00, after this period of time, the Contract terms cease to apply.
5.2     The terms of the Guest’s special offers concerning the reservation of special rooms, the organisation of events, group travelling will be done in a unique contract.


  • 6.       Prices

6.1     The prices (Rack Rate) of the apartments are shown on the website of the Company and in the Hotel’s main house. Special services’ costs can be encountered in the same places.
6.2      The Service provider can change the prices announced until the reservations are confirmed, if this does not happen, that is, the reservations are not confirmed, the prices can be assigned independently until the apartments are occupied.
6.3     When the Service Provider informs the Guest on the value of the requested apartments, it must also inform the Guest on the percent of the prices which constitute tax fees (AFA, IFA), this percent, and value of the tax fee is assigned by law. The Service provider assigns this fee to the Guest with a notice.
6.4     General allowances, actions, other offers are notified on the webpage of the Company.

  • 7.       Family allowances

7.1     Until the age of 8 years old, a child has the right to stay in the hotel for free, under the condition that he stays in the same room as his parents do. In the case that there are more children which fall into this category, the family must provide the price of one apartment.

  • 8        Payment modality, guaranty

8.1     The Service Provider requests the payment if its services before the time interval agreed with the Guest in the contract is over, but under special conditions, the Service Provider can give its approval for payment after the time interval agreed on in the Contract is over.
8.2     The Guest must provide a guaranty for the price of the services he requests.
a)      In order to fulfil this condition, the Service Provider can ask for a credit card guaranty, which guaranties that the requested and reserved services’ costs are guaranteed by the Guest.
b)      The Service Provider can also ask for the entire pre-payment of its services, or it can ask the payment of its services for a certain period of time.
8.3     The Guest can acquit its payment in HUF, or:
a)      Any other currency which the Service Provider agrees on. If the payment currency isn’t HUF, then the change value will be assigned according to the stock market of the Hungarian National Bank. This currency value is assigned on the day of the arrival of the Guest, according to the Hungarian National Bank
b)      The Service Provider accepts cash money payment tools (credit cards, and according to a special contract: coupon, voucher, etc. The permanent list of these cash money payment tools can be observed on the webpage of the Company.
c)      Any supplementary taxes which involve payment only concern the Service Provider and the Guest.

  • 9.       Allocating the services provided and their terms of use

9.1     The Guest can occupy its room until the day of its arrival by 14:00 o’clock (Check In), and the Guest is also obliged to leave it’s room until the next day of its departure by 11:00 o’clock (Check Out).
9.2     If the Guest wishes to occupy its room on the night before of its arrival, a special agreement must be created which assigns a -50% payment.

  • 10.    Company Animals

10.1  Animals can be brought into the apartments only with the special agreement of the Service Provider company. This agreement must be written, and it must be created before the animal is introduced into the apartment.
10.2  The Guest/Owner is responsible for the damage that may be caused by the animal.
10.3  The animal’s can be kept in the apartment according to a certain tax, assigned by the Service Provider.

  • 11.    Services rejection, services obligation stopper.

11.1  The Service Provider is entitled to nullify the Contract and to stop its services under the following conditions:
a)      The Guest does not use properly the apartment entitled to it.
b)      The Guest behaves improperly with the security of the hotel, with the order of the hotel, with the staff of the hotel; is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, uses verbal aggression, or if he behaves in other inacceptable ways.
c)      If the Guest has a in disease which can spread to other people.
d)      If the Guest does not respect the pre-payment terms, described in the Contract.
e)      If the Contract ceases to be honoured due to “vis major” causes, the contract ceases to be honoured and is considered closed for a certain period of time, due to “vis major” causes.


  • 12.    Guarantying the payment

f)        If the Service Provider isn’t able to fulfil its services due to its own fault (for example: energetic issues that exist for a short period of time,…) the Service Provider is obliged to move the Guest in question.
g)      The Service Provider is obliged to :
h)      The services which are mentioned in the Contract, the same price offer, the same time interval, – are provided by the Service Provider to another hotel of the same category. The supplement taxes, which arise during this switch, are supported by the Guest.
i)        The Service Provider offers a one-time phone call to the Guest to inform its change of location.
j)        The Service Provider must give price reductions to move the Guest into another hotel and if the Guest moves back to the hotel.
k)      If the Service Provider fulfils these requirements, and if the Guest accepts the offer made by the hotel to be transferred to another hotel, the Service Provider/Guest loses its right to ask for penalties which occur after the period of time agreed in the Contract.

  • 13.    Sickness, death of the Guest

13.1  If the Guest gets sick in the time interval agreed on in the contract, the Service Provider is obliged to offer and ensure medical assistance to the Guest.
13.2  In the case of the Guest’s death/sickness, the Service Provider requests a compensation fee from the Guest’s relatives, or from the person who acquits the bill, that is used for the payment of the medical staff that was involved in the Guest’s death, the objects that were destroyed, damaged in the process.
13.3  On the case of the Guest’s death, the Service Provider acts according to human and merciful rules, and it respects their rules.

  • 14.    The rights of the Contracting Half

14.1  On the defence of the Contract, the Guest is entitled for its requested apartment, and on the use of objects that exist in the apartment, which belong to the usual services environment, and do not belong to special services department.

14.2  The Guest is entitled to complain about the services of the Company, which were provided to the Guest during the time he stayed at the Company. The Service Provider during this time interval ensures the responsibility to solve the complaint which was assigned to the Company in a written manner or in a Complaint Book.
14.3  The Guest’s complaint right stops in the moment when the time interval agreed on in the Contract is over.

  • 15.    The obligations of the Contracting Half

15.1  The Contracting Half is obliged to define the requested service’s price according to the time interval defined in the Contract.
15.2  The Guest has to make sure that the child entrusted in his care, which is less than 10 years old, has constant supervision in the Company’s Hotel.
15.3  If the Guest locks the door accidentally with his key left in the apartment door, the Guest has to support a re-opening free, which has the value of 50 EUR.
15.4  Every Guest has the right to stay in the apartment on his own responsibility, respecting the terms for property defence, fire warnings, and the rules that govern the hotel management and the internal order.
15.5  The Guest cannot leave the Hotel carrying food from the breakfast and dining rooms.

  • 16.    The Contracting Half’s penalty obligation.

Guest is responsible for the damages, for the objects that appear in the inventory and disappear in the time period agreed in the Contract. The Guest is also responsible for any potential damage that may cause a person that appears as a Guest or a third half of the Guest. The responsibility is also valid in the case when the damaged party has the right to be acquitted from the damage fee, supplied by the Service Provider.

  • 17.    The Service Provider’s rights

If the Guest does not pay the penalty fee for the objects that disappeared from the inventory during the period of time he agreed on in the Contract, the Service Provider has the right to ret draw from the Guest’s personal belongings, which he brought to the Apartman Hotel, those possessions that have the same value as the disappeared objects.

  • 18.    The Service Provider’s Obligations

The Service Provider is obliged to:

a)       To provide the apartment in the state agreed on in the Contract, a standard state service provider obligation.
b)       To research to complaints of the Guests and to give a written response that consists of a report of the amelioration and remedy of the problem described in the complaint.


  • 19.    The Service Provider’s penalty responsibility

19.1. The Service Provider accepts responsibility for any damage done to its Guest within the Hotel and accepts responsibility for any damage that its employees may cause for the Guests.
19.1.1. The Service Provider does not take responsibility for any damage caused to the guests of the Guest that the employees of the Hotel can cause to them. The Service Provider does not take responsibility for any damage that the Guest causes to its guests.

19.1.2. The Service Provider can assign rooms in the Hotel where the Guest isn’t allowed to enter. For the damages caused to the Guests in these places the Service Provider does not take responsibility.
19.1.3. The Guest must instantly repost the damage that he suffered in the Hotel, and it has to offer any requested information that sheds light on the circumstances in which the damage happened, in some cases, information which is requested by authorities.
19.2. The Service Provider takes responsibility for objects owned by the Guests, objects which disappear, are damaged or destroyed. If the Guest has placed its belongings on a place assigned by the Service Provider, or if the Service Provider entitled a employee in the care of that certain object of the Guest, in these cases, the Service Provider takes full responsibility.
19.2.1. In the case of documents, objects which have a great financial value, cash money, the Service Provider only takes responsibility is the above mentioned were entrusted in its care. The Service Provider also takes responsibility if the above mentioned were damaged, destroyed, or disappear under conditions which require responsibility.
19.3. The damage compensation’s maximum value is assigned according to the 10 times daily price’s, agreed on in the Contract, except the case in which the damage is smaller than this amount.

  • 20. Information Protection

The Service Provider is obliged by the Contract to obey the 1992. LXIII. Law, which ensures personal information protection. And after which the Contracting Half has brought this in mind to the Guest, the Service Provider is obliged to respect it.

When the Guest steps into the hotel, he is asked for his personal information, for security reasons:

When the Guest enters and leaves the Hotel, he is recorded on a video with the help of a webcam. On this video, the Guests appear and possibly their guests and partners. The videos are used strictly for the good function of the Hotel’s security system. As the time interval agreed in the contract is over, the video recordings are kept for 30 days and then they are destroyed. The video recordings are passed on to the authorities, only in the barriers of the law.

  • 20.    Vis Major

The cause or the circumstance (for example: war, fire, flood, weather instability, electricity failure, revolts) under which the parties do not have influence (vis major), take away the responsibility of these damages from the parties in question. The parties gave their approval that they will do as much as they are capable to prevent the happening of these misfortunes, and to try and give their best to solve and ameliorate the damage caused by this type of circumstances, causes.

  • 21.    The legal assignments, the parties’ legal points.

The Contracting Parties agreement works under the legal terms of the Hungarian Civil Lawbook. Any legal misunderstandings between the two parties are solved by the authorities.



The Contracting Parties have understood the terms of this Contract and give their approval by signature to honour and respect these terms.

Available until: 1th of January 2013 retraction

Service Provider